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Luca Dipierro

Photo by Ruthie Prasil

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Luca Dipierro is an artist, animator, and writer born in Italy and living in the US. His cut-out animations, filmed in stop motion with marionettes made out of paper and old book cloth, have been called “a perfect balance between creepy and charming” (The Huffington Post), "weirdly charming and unerringly unsettling" (The Quietus), and “sad and beautiful” (L Magazine). His work has been shown in theaters, galleries, and film festivals in the USA and Europe, and appears regularly on book and record covers. In 2014 and 2015, Dipierro toured with the show Paper Circus, a screening of his animations with a live soundtrack performed with the band Father Murphy. Dipierro is the author of the art zine Das Ding, published by The Walk; the illustrated novel in cards A Wooden Leg (The Walk, 2014); the collection of short prose Biscotti neri (Madcap, 2011); and numerous art booklets. His latest animated film is called The Cadence, A Tale of Paper and Cloth (2022).
He lives in Portland, OR with his partner, writer Leni Zumas, and their son. 


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