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(Video, 2010-2014 - 51m)

Art and animation by Luca Dipierro
Music by Father Murphy

Paper Circus Postcard and Flyer.JPG

Paper Circus is a compilation film collecting the short animations I created between 2010 and 2014, organized in one single narrative sequence with a live soundtrack composed by Father Murphy, and performed live. The shorts, rather than being isolated works, become fragments of a larger narrative sequence: figures and themes recur and keep re-shaping themselves.

The live soundtrack is neither a collection of songs nor an improvisation, but rather an orchestrated flow of sounds, music, and foley that matches the flow of the film, shot by shot. The result is a hybrid tapestry that braids elements of cut-up, sound collage, performance art, and theater. The musicians sit in the dark, near to the screen, semi-visible to the public but without obstructing the view. The texture of my films is echoed in the texture of Father Murphy’s music, built with stark, primitive contrapositions and dynamics. 

Paper Circus debuted at the Clinton Street Theater, in Portland, OR, on July 3, 2014, and has since been presented in numerous movie theatres and galleries across the USA and Italy. In 2016, Paper Circus premiered on Italian national television, as part of the show Fuori Orario cose (mai) viste, on the Rai3 channel.

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