• Luca Dipierro Animates The Death of a Band:
interview on the 
Directors Notes podcast 04/06/2018

• Broken Narratives:
conversation with Tess Martin
Haptic Animation Amplifier 10/10/2016




• The Inexhaustible Variety of the Human Body Is Beautiful:
conversation with Zach Mueller
Heavy Feather Review 06/02/2014




• In conversation with writer Claudio Morandini (in Italian)
Malicuvata 04/22/2011

• I Was the One Who Was Called to Make It:In Conversation with Ken Baumann
HTMLGIANT 05/26/2010

• Interview with Meg Pokrass
Fictionaut 03/31/2010

• Animating the Macabre Through Paper and Paint
Mountan Xpress 05/05/2010

• Interview about I Will Smash You
Director’s Notes 10/02/2009

• Interview about 24 WEEKS, 3 DAYS
Director’s Notes 11/18/2007

• Interview with Emily Hunter
LOCUS n.4  2008

• Interview with Leni Zumas and David Naimon about A Wooden Leg

on KBOO Radio 05/29/2014


• Mortality and Flatulence: conversation with Edward Mullany

Big Other 12/17/11


• Voracious Luca Dipierro: short film/interview about my work

produced by The Black Harbor and directed by Mcnair Evans

The Black Harbor 09/26/2011