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"Luca Dipierro’s cut-out animation straddles a fine line between wide-eyed innocence and unsettling creepiness. Characters move with jerky beauty along discarded book cover backdrops, dancing and playing music when they’re not confronting strange beasts or exploring their more base emotions. A surreal darkness dwells just beneath Dipierro’s colorful whimsy, and his characters of felt, cloth, wood and paper suggest Picasso illustrating medieval storybooks." 

CityArts, Seattle


"A perfect balance between creepy and charming."

The Huffington Post

"Beautiful and sad."

L Magazine

"Luca Dipierro's animations contain the blood and guts and mystery of what it means to be alive and on the planet. They make you think, make you laugh, they scare you, they make you want to go out in the world and make your own broken and beautiful things.” 
Robert Lopez, author of Kamby Bolongo Mean River and All Back Full


"These animations are brilliant fevers. They seize and rivet. They uncannily ensplendor."
Leni Zumas, author of  The Listeners and Red Clocks